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The total screen (landscape)
The total screen (portrait)

The Total Odometer Screen displays the total odometer in very large digits. It's independent of the trip odometer.

NOTE: in the screenshot, 359 is the approximate distance SpeedOdo was written from the Apple Campus in Cupertino, CA.


Start/Stop Button (top left)

Start Button Stop Button

A double tap' on the Start button, will start the Timer, accumulating seconds. A double tap on the Stop button will stop the timer.

Title (top center)

The screen title, Timer, displayed at the top so you can easily distinguish this screen from other screens.

Reset Button (top right)

Reset Button

A double tap' on the Reset button, will set the Timer to zero.

Timer (middle center)

The Timer contains the accumulated time in seconds, since the last time the Reset button was double tapped.

Settings Button (bottom left)

Settings Button

A double tap on the Settings button will open the Settings App right to the SpeedOdo Settings section.

Clock (bottom right)

It's the same on every screen. Please refer to it's description on the Dashboard Screen page.