Split View Screen

Menu Screen in Split View

On the Apple iPad there is a feature called "Multitasking" that allows two Apps to run at the same time on the screen. SpeedOdo is the perfect complement on your iPad for mapping and navigation apps that offer split-view capability, with it's LARGE digital screens displaying your speed, odometer or course. It has been tested with Google Maps, Waze, and Garmin Bluechart Mobile apps.

If you don't know how to use the multitasking features, please read this from Apple: Click Here.

Dashboard Screen in Split View
Trip Screen in Split View
Total Odometer Screen in Split View
Course Screen in Split View

The multitasking gesture, Slide Over or Split View, of the iPad allows SpeedOdo to be displayed on the right side from within a map or navigation app (any app that is split view enabled actually). In most of those apps it is difficult to read the speed, odometer and course without reading glasses while sitting still, let alone while moving in a boat or car. SpeedOdo to the rescue!

SpeedOdo is the perfect companion app for map and navigation apps in a split view, with large readable digits.

While in "Split VIew" you still get all the same screens and navigation between screens, but since the viewable area for the app is smaller, a few screen elements were removed to make them more readable.

Location Screen in Split View
Speed Screen in Split View
GPS Screen in Split View
Clock Screen in Split View
Timer Screen in Split View