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SpeedOdo App Dashboard
SpeedOdo running on an iPhone mounted on a Boat Dashboard
SpeedOdo running on an Android Phone mounted on a Car Dashboard



The word SpeedOdo, is a Portmanteau (or Blend Word), of the 2 words speedometer and odometer (speed + odo = SpeedOdo). There are many common navigation devices and apps that have both a speedometer and an odometer as an integrated device, and rather than saying those 8 or 9 syllables, SpeedOdo is only 3 syllables that represent the same concept. (And SpeedOdo makes you smile when you say it ...)


Got an old car or boat? Need a replacement speedometer? Can't read your speedometer or odometer without reading glasses anymore? A cell phone or tablet with the SpeedOdo App is the perfect inexpensive addition for your car, boat, motorcycle, bicycle and e-bike. SpeedOdo features LARGE easy to read digits.

It has a speedometer, odometer (total and trip), compass heading, longitude/latitude location, trip timer and digital clock. Other features include top speed, average speed, location on a map, and send text message with location.

To use features in SpeedOdo, double tap all buttons (so you don't hit them by accident), swipe left (with one finger) to go to the next screen, swipe right (with one finger) to go to the previous screen. If you keep swiping in one direction you eventually get back to the screen where you started. A triple tap (with one finger) on any screen brings you back to the Menu Screen. A triple tap on the Menu Screen takes you back to the previous screen.

And SpeedOdo does NOT use your internet connection, so your data minutes are never used. It is GPS only. Which means you can use it on an old phone without a service plan, as long as it has a working GPS chip.

NOTE: Continued use of GPS can dramatically decrease battery life. If you need to use SpeedOdo for a long time you should consider plugging the power cord into your DC adapter or a battery booster.


This started because I wanted a cell phone App for my small boat so that I could see the speed, distance and heading easily without reading glasses, in sunlight or at night. All marinas have a "no wake" zone with a 5 mph speed limit. But the speedometer on my boat doesn't even start until 10 mph (Yep, I have been pulled over by the harbor patrol because of this). There are many GPS based apps (other SpeedOdo's...) available but most are difficult to see or just are not simple to use (too complicated). I wanted something bigger, simpler, and with everything navigation related in one app. I also wanted an app that is safe and simple to use while riding in (or on) a moving vehicle (boat, car, motorcycle, bicycle). I couldn't find an app that had all these things, so I wrote SpeedOdo!


I mount my iPhone or iPad or Google Pixel XL on my boat dash (and my car dash) in a waterproof case and with the SpeedOdo App I can clearly see the speed, odometer and course heading with just my sunglasses. I don’t have to wear reading glasses when driving or boating anymore! It’s large enough that I can even see it with polarized lenses (most of these phones have polarized screens…)

It can be difficult (and unsafe) in a moving vehicle to push tiny buttons or menu areas on a phone or tablet. SpeedOdo takes advantage of the whole screen and uses swipe gestures (one finger) to display other screens with more information (which are also displayed in very large font sizes), and triple tap gestures (one finger, 3 taps) to return to the Menu Screen . It is great in the car, on the boat, or on a motorcycle - no more reading glasses or straining to read the tiny dashboard speedometer. And forget about the tiny barely legible clock in the status bar - a much larger digital clock is displayed in the lower right corner of all screens. Or if you just want a very large digital clock, go to the Menu Screen and double tap the Clock button to go to the Clock Screen. SpeedOdo is great for hiking, walking, bicycles, and e-bikes too!


ALWAYS securely attach your cell phone or tablet to a hands-free mount on your dashboard or handlebars, BEFORE you start moving. Start the SpeedOdo App, change to the Dashboard Screen, double tap the Reset Button to zero the trip timer, THEN start moving.


  • Cell Phone or Tablet with GPS hardware (Apple iOS or Google Android)
  • Location Services enabled for the SpeedOdo App in Settings on the device


The screens will look almost exactly the same on the iOS version of SpeedOdo as on the Android version.

SpeedOdo App Screen Navigation
  • Help Screen - Displays app navigation tips and link to this website
  • Menu Screen - Displays LARGE buttons to get to all other screens
  • Dashboard Screen - Displays LARGE speed, course, and trip odometer distance
  • Trip Odometer Screen - Displays the LARGE trip odometer distance
  • Total Odometer Screen - Displays the LARGE total odometer distance
  • Speed Screen - Displays current, average and top speeds
  • Location Screen - Displays latitude, longitude and altitude
  • GPS Screen - Displays current GPS info returned by Location Services
  • Timer Screen - Displays a LARGE timer with days, hours, minutes and seconds (good for timing trips)
  • Clock Screen - Displays the date and a LARGE digital clock with the current time
  • Course Screen - Displays the LARGE most recent course (degrees and heading)


A compass rose with 16 points: showing the four cardinal directions, the four intercardinal directions, plus eight further divisions.
  • Easy to read because of the large font sizes
  • App navigation is all swipes and taps (the entire screen is one big button!)
  • Triple tap on any screen to go back to the Menu Screen
  • Triple tap the Menu Screen to return to the previous screen
  • All buttons require a double tap so you don't hit them accidentally while you're moving
  • Double tap the Map button on the Location Screen to view exactly where you are on a map
  • Double tap the Send button on the Location Screen to send a text message containing your location to friends and family
  • Course shows compass degrees and heading (16 points, relative to True North)
  • Double tap the units in the upper left corner to change units: MPH (miles-per-hour), KPH (kilometers-per-hour) and KNOTS (nautical-miles-per-hour)
  • User can pre-set total distance odometer to an existing vehicle odometer value
  • Trip timer to also track your trip duration
  • No advertisements, ever
  • No data connection used - GPS only, so your data minutes are never used


  • GPS Minimum Distance can be selected in Settings to improve battery life (NOTE: it may reduce accuracy)

iOS Only

  • GPS reported accuracy can be displayed in lower right corner by enabling it in the Settings App
  • A GPS Log Screen with live details from your device can be enabled in the Settings App. You can send a CSV file of the GPS data as an attachment via the builtin email app.


SpeedOdo is a GPS based speedometer and odometer that is designed to be simple to use and easy to see without reading glasses. Oh yea, and there will NEVER be any ads or rating requests.


SpeedOdo is available for $1.99 on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

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NOTE: We are considering porting SpeedOdo to the Apple Watch if there is enough interest. Please contact us if you are interested: Click Here to Contact Us.