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Privacy Policy

An individual user of the SpeedOdo App may choose to share their GPS location (latitude and longitude) via a text message from within the Location Screen in the SpeedOdo App (there is a "Send" button for this). Your latitude/longitude coordinates and text message recipients are not recorded by the SpeedOdo App and are never sent or used by anyone involved with SpeedOdo or ByteSlinger. They will however remain in your text message conversation with your recipients.

Location Services

The Location Services software on both Apple iOS and Android OS, requires access to the underlying GPS hardware on your device for SpeedOdo to function. Even if the SpeedOdo App is running in the background, it may still be accessing Location Services and the GPS information provided by it. SpeedOdo uses your location information to display your speed, course, distance, or latitude/longitude coordinates. If you are concerned with how your location information is used by the underlying Location Services software (either Apple iOS or Google OS), you should make sure you shut down the SpeedOdo App when you are not using it.

Apple Privacy Policy

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Google Privacy Policy

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