Menu Screen

The menu screen (landscape)
The menu screen (portrait)



The Menu Screen contains buttons that will take you to each the SpeedOdo screens. As with all buttons in SpeedOdo, each button requires a double tap (one finger, 2 times) It is usually the first screen you will see when you run SpeedOdo.

NOTE: You can get back to the Menu Screen with a triple tap (one finger, 3 times), from any screen.


  • Swipe Left (one finger, right-to-left), goes to the Dashboard Screen
  • Swipe Right (one finger, left-to-right), goes to the Dashboard Screen
  • Triple Tap (one finger, 3 times), goes to the previous screen.


All buttons require a double tap (one finger, 2 times):

Settings Button (bottom left)

Settings Button Settings Button

A double tap on the Settings button will open the Settings App right to the SpeedOdo Settings.

Clock (bottom right)

The current time is displayed in the lower right corner.

Button Color

You can change the color of the menu buttons in the Settings App with the "Menu Button Color" option. The default is Blue.