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GPS Log Screen (landscape)
GPS Log Screen (portrait)


 Only on the iOS version of SpeedOdo:

There is a hidden advanced feature of the SpeedOdo App, a GPS Log Screen, which views as a small spreadsheet, a .CSV file containing the GPS log data. This log file is appended each time a request is made to Location Services , with the GPS details of the current location. This log is simply for informational purposes and only interesting to a nerd or someone curious about what their GPS is sending back to Location Services.


To enable the Log Screen you need to go to the Menu Screen (triple tap on any screen), then double tap the Settings Button, wait for the Settings App to open, then set the "Enable GPS Log" switch to "On".

There will be a pop-up alert displayed when you return to SpeedOdo, with this warning: Log Warning.

The first time you go to the Log Screen, a pop-up alert will be displayed with these tips: Log Tips.

To disable the Log Screen you can either restart the SpeedOdo App (automatically sets the "Enable GPS Log" switch to "off"), or set it to "off" in the Settings App.


Auto Scroll Switch (top left)

There is an Auto Scroll Switch in the top left corner of the Log Screen. It is "on" by default, slide it to the left to turn it "off". When it is "on" the screen will scroll up to display the latest log lines. Turn it "off" if you want to scroll back to see the log lines back to the beginning.

Send Button (bottom center)

Send Button Send Button

A double tap on the Send Button, will open the Email Message App with a new message containing an attachment of the location.csv file. This file contains the current GPS log data in CSV (Comma Separated Values) format. The default "To" address is support@speedodo.com, but the user should change it to whoever they want to send the file to. After receiving this email message, the location.csv file can be viewed as a spreadsheet with any spreadsheet program (Excel, Numbers, Open Office), or it can be viewed as a text file or imported into a database.

NOTE: A warning message is displayed and the Send Button will be hidden if your device is not setup to allow email messages. (Settings App->Mail->Accounts)


While the GPS Log is enabled, SpeedOdo continuously collects GPS data and stores it in a .CSV file, EVEN WHILE THE APP IS RUNNING IN THE BACKGROUND. Eventually this file may get quite large and cause the SpeedOdo App to slow down and then crash. If you do use this GPS Log for long periods of time, we recommend that you periodically disable and then enable the GPS Log in the Settings App, to delete the file and create a new one.