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The location screen (landscape)
The location screen (portrait)


The Location Screen contains the latitude, longitude and altitude, currently reported by Location Services.

NOTE: the altitude returned by different devices (iPhones, iPads and Android phones) during testing was often very different (+/- 15-100 feet) from one another for the exact same location. SpeedOdo just displays the altitude returned by Location Services. It is a common problem with today's GPS technology: GPS devices provide notoriously poor altitude/elevation accuracy.


  • Swipe Left (one finger, right-to-left), goes to the Clock Screen
  • Swipe Right (one finger, left-to-right), goes to the Speed Screen
  • Triple Tap (one finger, 3 times), goes to the Menu Screen

Map Button (top left)

Map Button Map Button

A double tap on the Map button opens the Map App, to the current latitude and longitude.

Title (top center)

The screen title, Location, displayed at the top so you can easily distinguish this screen from the other screens.

Send Button (top right)

Send Button Send Button

A double tap on the Send Button, will open the Text Message App with a new message containing the current latitude and longitude and a URL link to Google Maps with the latitude and longitude (and a location titled "SpeedOdo says I Am Here ๐Ÿ˜Ž "). The user must enter who to send it to.

This information is NEVER captured by SpeedOdo. It is only available in the Text Message (Messages) App

This is a great feature to send a text message to let someone know where you are if there is no street address, like on the ocean or a lake, or if you are in the woods. The recipient can click on the text message and it will open a web browser with Google Maps, and the location highlighted on the map. It's the reverse of "Find My Friends" but it works on both iOS and Android phones.

NOTE: The Send Button will be disabled (slightly dim or grayed out) if your device is not setup to allow text messages.

Location Data (middle center)

There are 3 location related items retrieved from Location Services:

  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Altitude (displayed in whatever the current units was selected, ft [feet] or m [meters])

NOTE: during testing the altitude returned was questionable (on the ocean it often reported a negative altitude).

Trip Timer (bottom left)

The trip timer shows the elapsed time since the last trip timer reset. The trip timer can be reset either by a double tap on the reset button on the Dashboard Screen or by a double tap on the reset button on the Timer Screen.

iOS Version Only: A double tap on the trip timer will toggle back and forth between the trip timer and the GPS accuracy.

Clock (bottom right)

At the bottom right of most screens (except the Clock Screen), is a digital clock with the current time that is MUCH bigger than the clock in the status bar.

The current time format is based on the 24-Hour Time setting (on = 24 hour, off = 12 hour), from the Settings App (Settings->General->Date & Time).