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When you double tap the Settings Button on the Menu Screen, it opens the Settings App to this section.

Settings Button


  • Location -> Always (or While Using The App)

You can set this to "Always" or "While Using The App". You can choose it from an ALERT Pop-Up in the app to set it.



  • Units (Miles Per Hour, Kilometers Per Hour, Knots): Default is Miles Per Hour
  • Startup Screen - Screen to display at startup (Menu, Dashboard, Clock, ...): Default is Menu

NOTE: Set this to "Dashboard" to skip the menu and go right to the Dashboard when the App starts.

  • Backlight Color (Red, Green, Blue): Default is Red

This causes a slight glow behind the large digits on many of the screens. You can pick another color if you desire, or "None" to turn it off completely.

  • Menu Button Color (Red, Green, Blue): Default is Blue
  • Display Help (On/Off) - Displays Alert pop-up on Menu Screen: Default is On
  • Toggle Button Text - Trip Timer, GPS Accuracy) - Default is Timer

This allows you to change what is displayed in the lower right corner of most screens.


  • Total Odometer (nnn.nnnnn): Default is 0
  • Trip Odometer (nnn.nnnnn): Default is 0

The Total odometer and Trip odometer values that are used and saved by SpeedOdo while it is running and when it stops, so that the App can have the same values when it restarts. These can be used to set initial Trip and Total values.


Minimum Distance - The minimum distance before Location Services will return a location update. Default is 0 (all Location Updates are returned as soon as they are available)

NOTE: Increasing this distance will improve your battery life but will also reduce the odometer accuracy.


  • Reset Odometers (On/Off): Default is Off

When set to "On" both the Total and Trip odometers will be set to zero. This can be done individually in the Trip Odometer Screen and the Total Odometer Screen by double-tapping the Reset Button.

  • Reset To Defaults (On/Off) - Reset all settings to their defaults: Default is Off.


These are technical features for advanced users only. You have been warned. It is not recommended to change their values unless you know what you are doing:

  • Demo Mode (Off, Random, or Static): Default is Off
This is useful to test screen layouts and orientation changes while sitting still.  It must be set to "Off" to use SpeedOdo properly.
  • Enable GPS Log (On/Off): Default is Off
This is for watching the GPS results from Location Services in real time.  It saves the GPS data in a .CSV file.  Eventually it will
slow down and then crash the App if left running too long.   It is automatically reset to "Off" when SpeedOdo starts.


  • Release (n.n)
  • Build (n)

The developer's release and build version numbers.


  • Disclaimer (displays a short disclaimer)