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SpeedOdo App

SpeedOdo Disclaimer

The SpeedOdo App provides access to the GPS information on iOS and Android cell phones and tablets that have GPS capability. It is intended to be used as a supplementary speedometer and odometer to your vehicle's existing speedometer and odometer, NOT a replacement for them. The author can not be held responsible or liable for using the SpeedOdo App in any way.

Use it at your own risk.


Here's what the US government has to say regarding GPS accuracy: https://www.gps.gov/systems/gps/performance/accuracy/

When the GPS system works properly, both on your device and up in the sky, the accuracy is very good and the SpeedOdo App will work very well. The biggest accuracy problem may be that your device is not connecting to the GPS satellites properly.

Here are some situations that may cause this:

  • The government controlled GPS satellite system is not working for civilians (war or system technical issues)
  • Your device is in your pocket
  • You are underground or inside a building or garage
  • You are surrounded by large buildings

For best results:

  • Vote for peaceful world leaders
  • Mount your device on your dashboard or on your handlebars
  • Go outside
  • Have a clear view of the sky

Apple GPS Disclaimer

Per Apple's instructions, this disclaimer must be included with any app that uses the GPS and Location Services:

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Use A Hands-Free Dashboard Mount

Using handheld devices in a moving vehicle can distract the driver. It is highly recommended that SpeedOdo users securely mount their cell phone or tablet to their dashboard (or handlebars), while the vehicle is moving.

Recommended Operation

Before you start moving, change SpeedOdo to the Dashboard Screen, double tap the Reset Button to zero the trip timer, then start driving.