Dashboard Screen

The dashboard screen (landscape)
The dashboard screen (portrait)



The Dashboard Screen is where you will likely spend most of your time when using SpeedOdo. It contains the current speed, the trip odometer, the last reported directional course, a trip timer and a digital clock that is way bigger than the one in the status bar. The 2 most common other screens are conveniently one swipe away in either direction. The Trip Odometer Screen on the right (right-to-left swipe), and the Course Screen on the left (left-to-right swipe).

NOTE: if you keep swiping in one direction you will eventually get back to the Dashboard Screen. Think of the Screens as connected in a circle.


Units (top left)

The default unit of measurement is MPH (miles-per-hour). If you double tap on the displayed units, it will toggle through the other units: mph, km/h (kilometers-per-hour), and knots (nautical miles-per-hour). The speed will be converted according to the selected units.

Course (top center)

The current course (sometimes called COG, or course-over-ground), is displayed in the upper center of the screen. It contains the compass direction in degrees (0 - 359), and the corresponding heading (N, NNE, NE, ENE, E, etc.) of the direction you are moving. If the course value is blinking on and off, it means that you are not moving, and displays the course you were headed when you were last moving. The current course is also displayed on the Course Screen.

NOTE: This is the direction between the last 2 location points returned by Location Services. This direction is not necessarily the direction the device (phone or tablet) is pointed.

Reset Button (top right)

Reset Button Reset Button

A double tap on the Reset Button, will stop and restart Location Services AND reset everything except the total odometer. This complete reset is only available by the Reset Button on the Dashboard Screen.

NOTE: This will also reset the Timer on the Timer Screen (See Clock description below...)

Current Speed (middle center)

The current speed as reported by Location Services (and the GPS hardware) is displayed as large as possible in the center of the screen. If the unit of measurement is KNOTS, the speed will show 1 decimal place (tenths). This is desirable while sailing, since sailboats often travel at less than 10 knots (it's nice to know by trimming the sails that you went from 7 knots to 7.5 knots) The current speed is also displayed on the Speed Screen.

Trip Timer (bottom left)

The trip timer shows the elapsed time since the last trip timer reset. The trip timer can be reset either by a double tap on the reset button on the Dashboard Screen or by a double tap on the reset button on the Timer Screen.

iOS Version Only: A double tap on the trip timer will toggle back and forth between the trip timer and the GPS accuracy.

Trip Odometer (bottom center)

The trip odometer accumulates the distances reported by Location Services as you are moving.

Clock (bottom right)

At the bottom right of most screens (except the Clock Screen), is a digital clock with the current time that is MUCH bigger than the clock in the status bar.

The current time format is based on the 24-Hour Time setting (on = 24 hour, off = 12 hour), from the Settings App (Settings->General->Date & Time).