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The course screen (landscape)
The course screen (portrait)
A compass rose with 16 points: showing the four cardinal directions, the four intercardinal directions, plus eight further divisions.


The course screen contains the current course (degrees and 16 point compass heading) as reported by Location Services on your device.


Units (top left)

The default unit of measurement is MPH (miles-per-hour). If you double tap on the displayed units, it will toggle through the other units: MPH, KPH (kilometers-per-hour), and KNOTS (nautical miles-per-hour). The speed will be converted according to the selected units.

Title (top center)

The title Course, to easily distinguish this screen from the others.

Reset Button (top right)

Reset Button Reset Button

A double tap on the Reset button, will clear the course (both degrees and heading), and the message "Not Moving", will be displayed. When the device starts moving again, the course will be retrieved from Location Services and set again.

Course (middle center)

The current course as reported by Location Services is displayed as large as possible in the center of the screen. If the device stops moving, the course will blink on and off with the last course that was retrieved from Location Services.

Trip Timer (bottom left)

The trip timer shows the elapsed time since the last trip timer reset. The trip timer can be reset either by a double tap on the reset button on the Dashboard Screen or by a double tap on the reset button on the Timer Screen.

iOS Version Only: A double tap on the trip timer will toggle back and forth between the trip timer and the GPS accuracy.

Clock (bottom right)

At the bottom right of most screens (except the Clock Screen), is a digital clock with the current time that is MUCH bigger than the clock in the status bar.

The current time format is based on the 24-Hour Time setting (on = 24 hour, off = 12 hour), from the Settings App (Settings->General->Date & Time).